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Arapaho Tribe of the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming

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Shoshone/ArapahoTribal Court:
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Northern Arapaho Tribal Code

The tribe makes their code available online. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Table of Contents

Comments and History
Citation and Organization of Code
Relationship to Shoshone and Arapaho Law and Order Code

Title 1. Arbitration
Section 101. Short Title
Section 102. “Court” Defined; Jurisdiction
Section 103. Written Agreement to Submit Controversy to Arbitration Valid
Section 104. Duty of Court on Application of Party to Arbitrate
Section 105. When Court to Appoint Arbitrators
Section 106. Power of Arbitrators
Section 107. Notice and Hearing
Section 108. Right to be Represented by Attorney; Effect of Waiver
Section 109. Authority of Arbitrators to Issue Subpoenas and Administer Oaths; Service of Subpoenas; Depositions; Compelling Person to Testify; Witness Fees
Section 110. Award of Arbitrators
Section 111. Modification of Award
Section 112. Expenses and Fees for Arbitrators
Section 113. Confirmation of Award by Court
Section 114. When Court to Vacate Award
Section 115. When Court to Modify or Correct Award
Section 116. Judgment Upon Granting Order Confirming, Modifying or Correcting Award; Costs and Disbursements
Section 117. Application to Court to be by Motion; Notice and Hearing to be in Manner Provided by Law
Section 118. Venue Upon Initial and Subsequent Applications
Section 119. Appeal

Title 2. Business Organizations
Section 101. Authority
Section 102. Findings
Section 103. Definitions
Section 104. Purpose
Section 105. Powers
Section 106. Name
Section 107. Formation
Section 108. Articles of Organization
Section 109. Filing of Articles of Organization
Section 110. Effect of Issuance of Certificate of Organization
Section 111. Registered Office & Registered Agent to be Maintained
Section 112. Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent
Section 113. Failure to Maintain Registered Agent or Registered Office or Pay Annual Fee
Section 114. Liability of Members & Managers
Section 115. Service of Process
Section 116. Contributions to Capital
Section 117. Management
Section 118. Contracting Debts
Section 119. Property
Section 120. Division of Profits; Impairment of Capital
Section 121. Withdrawal or Reduction of Member's Contributions to Capital
Section 122. Liability of Member to Company
Section 123. Interest in Company; Transferability of Interest
Section 124. Dissolution
Section 125. Filing of Statement of Intent to Dissolve
Section 126. Effect of Filing of Dissolving Statement
Section 127. Distribution of Assets Upon Dissolution
Section 128. Articles of Dissolution
Section 129. Filing of Articles of Dissolution
Section 130. Cancellation of Certificate of Organization; Amendment of Articles of Organization
Section 131. Parties to Actions
Section 132. Waiver of Notice
Section 133. Fees
Section 134. Unauthorized Assumption of Powers
Section 135. Charge for Service of Process
Section 136. Applicability of Provisions to Foreign & Interstate Commerce
Section 137. Existing Rights & Liabilities
Section 138. Secretary of Tribe Powers
Section 139. Correcting Filed Documents; Articles of Correction
Section 140. Merger
Section 141. Approval of Merger by Domestic Company
Section 142. Articles of Merger
Section 143. Effect of Merger
Section 144. Articles of Continuance of Foreign Company
Section 145. Assignments
Section 146. Certification as Indian Owned Business
Section 147. Severability
Section 148. Effective Date

Title 3. Gaming
Chapter 1. Legislative Findings and Purpose
Section 101. Authority
Section 102. Findings
Section 103. Purpose
Section 104. [RESERVED]
Chapter 2. General Provisions
Section 201. Definitions
Chapter 3. Authorization of Tribal Gaming
Section 301. Tribal gaming authorized
Section 302. Tribe to be sole gaming proprietor
Section 303. Separate license for each location
Section 304. [RESERVED]
Section 305. Compliance with law; inclusion of Secretarial Procedures
Section 306. Gaming Task Force
Chapter 4. Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency
Section 401. Agency established
Section 402. Structure of agency
Section 403. Powers and duties of Agency
Section 404. Requirements for Self-Regulation by the Tribe
Section 405. Agency operations
Section 406. Executive Director and staff
Section 407. Gaming Manager/Chief Executive Officer and staff
Section 408. Political activities; prohibitions
Section 409. Standards of conduct for Chairman and members of Agency
Chapter 5. Financial Matters
Section 501. Application of net revenues
Section 502. Budgets
Section 503. Audits
Section 504. Financial management
Chapter 6. Background Investigations for Primary Management Officials and Key Employees
Section 601. Required background investigations
Section 602. Statement of responsibilities
Section 603. Notices to applicants
Section 604. Information from applicants
Section 605. Rules regarding background investigations
Section 606. Eligibility determinations
Section 607. Reporting to the commission
Chapter 7. Licenses
Section 701. Licenses
Section 702. Background investigations
Section 703. Licensing decision
Section 704. Work permits
Section 705. Licensing of venders, etc.
Chapter 8. Hearings and Appeals
Section 801. Licensing decisions
Section 802. Patron disputes regarding particular wagers
Section 803. Appeal to Tribal Court
Section 804. Confidential information
Section 805. Hearing procedures
Chapter 9. Prohibited Acts and Penalties
Section 901. Prohibited acts
Section 902. Penalties

Title 4. Housing
Section 101. Authority and Declaration of need
Section 102. Purposes
Section 103. Definitions
Section 104. Board of Commissioners
Section 105. Powers
Section 106. Obligations
Section 107. Miscellaneous
Section 108. Cooperation in Connection with Projects
Section 109. Approval by the Secretary of Interior

Title 5. Labor
Section 101. Membership or Non-membership in Labor Organizations not a Condition for Employment
Section 102. Contract Compliance
Section 103. Presumption of At Will Employment
Section 104. Remedies and Sanctions
Section 105. Employer Immunity from Liability for References Regarding Employee
Section 106. Severability
Section 107. Effective Date

Title 6. Executive and Administrative Affairs
Section 101. Great Seal of the Northern Arapaho Nation
Section 102. Certification of Public Acts or Records
Section 103. Joint Powers
Section 104. Executive Privilege
Section 105. Subpoenas
Section 106. Assignment of Per Capita Payments

Title 7. Peacemaker
Part 100. General Rules
Section 101. Purposes
Section 102. Authority; Short Title; Definitions
Section 103. Establishment of Peacemaker Court
Section 104. Scope
Section 105. Authorities of Tribal Court and Peacemaker
Section 106. Counsel Forbidden
Section 107. Interpretation and Implementation of Rules
Part 200. Peacemakers
Section 201 Appointment and Qualifications
Section 202 Powers of Peacemakers
Section 203 Limitations; Peacemakers not Judges
Section 204 Duties of Peacemakers
Section 205 Reports to Tribal Court
Part 300. Procedure
Section 301. Request for Peacemaking
Section 302. Who can Request Peacemaking
Section 303. Place of Peacemaking
Section 304. Duties of Clerks of Court
Section 305. Appointment of Peacemaker
Section 306. Notice to Begin Proceedings
Section 307. Compensation of Peacemaker
Section 308. Subpoenas
Section 309. Fees
Part 400. Actions by the Tribal Court
Section 401. Protective Orders
Section 402. Action by the Tribal Court
Section 403. Judgments
Section 404. Method of Presenting Proposed Judgment
Section 405. Form of Judgment
Section 406. Enforcement of Judgment
Part 500. Conduct of Peacemaker
Section 501. General Standards
Section 502. Complaints regarding Peacemakers
Section 503. Action on Complaint
Part 600. Transfer of Cases from Tribal Court to Peacemaker Court
Section 601. General Policy
Section 602. Civil Matters
Section 603. Criminal Matters
Section 604. Criminal Probation
Section 605. Transfer on Condition
Part 700. Miscellaneous Provisions
Section 701. Forms
Section 702. Plain Language Version of Rules

Title 8. Education
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 101. Title
Section 102. Disclaimer regarding the Eastern Shoshone Tribe
Section 103. Authority
Section 104. Findings, Intents and Purposes, and Declaration of Policy
Section 105. Definitions
Section 106. Construction of Tense Used
Section 107. Masculine Gender Inclusive
Section 108. Reference to Code Includes Amendments
Section 109. Severability
Section 110. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances
Section 111. Effective Date
Chapter 2. Northern Arapaho Department of Education
Section 201. Department of Education
Section 202. Education Advisory Committee
Section 203. Director
Chapter 3. School Boards and Governing Bodies
Section 301. School Boards
Section 302. Compliance Evaluation
Chapter 4. Curriculum and Education Standards
Section 401. Curriculum
Section 402. Education Standards
Chapter 5. Educational Policies and Programs
Section 501. Alcohol, Nicotine or Tobacco, and Drug Abuse Education
Section 502. Parental and Community Involvement
Section 503. School Attendance
Section 504. Continuing Education
Chapter 6. Educators
Section 601. Educators
Chapter 7. Indian Preference
Section 701. Indian Preference

Title 9. Nonprofit Corporation
Section 101. Citation; Authority and Purpose
Section 102. Definitions
Section 103. Purposes of Incorporation; Authorized Incorporators
Section 104. Articles of Incorporation
Section 105. Corporate Name
Section 106. Approval by Business Council
Section 107. Certificate of Incorporation
Section 108. Corporate Existence
Section 109. Bylaws
Section 110. Corporate Capacity
Section 111. Members
Section 112. Meetings
Section 113. Directors and Officers
Section 114. Conflicts of Interest
Section 115. Voluntary Dissolution
Section 116. Dissolution by Tribal Court
Section 117. No Tribal Ownership or Management
Section 118. Annual Reports
Appendix - Form 1 Articles of Incorporation - Corporation with no Members
Article I - Name
Article II - Duration
Article III - Classification
Article IV - Purposes
Article V - Powers
Article VI - Initial Registered Office
Article VII - Initial Registered Agent
Article VIII - Incorporator
Article IX - Members
Article X - Prohibited Transactions and Activities
Article XI - Distribution on Dissolution
Article XII - Income and Distribution
Article XIII - Regulation of Internal Affairs
Article XIV - Initial Directors
Article XV - Annual Report
Article XVI - Amendments
Appendix - Form 2 Corporate Approval/Charter
Appendix - Form 3 Certificate of Incorporation
Appendix - Form 4 Notice of Standards and Liabilities
Authority and Obligations
Standards of Conduct and Liabilities
Indemnity and Insurance Coverage
Appendix - Form 5 Certificate of Dissolution

Title 10. Family Support Ordinance
Chapter 1. Preliminary Provisions
Section 101. Inherent Tribal Authority
Section 102. Name of Ordinance
Section 103. Controlling Law
Section 104. Purpose and Construction
Section 105. Prior Inconsistent Resolutions and Ordinances Repealed
Section 106. Amendment of Ordinance
Section 107. Establishment of Child Support Enforcement Program
Chapter 2. General
Section 201. Definitions
Chapter 3. Jurisdiction
Section 301. Jurisdiction; Tribal Policy
Section 302. Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders
Chapter 4. Civil and Administrative Law Judge
Section 401. Hearing Officers
Section 402. Service of Process
Section 403. Legal Actions
Section 404. Appeal to Magistrate Court
Section 405. Attorney Fees and Other Costs
Section 406. Final Appeals
Chapter 5. Paternity
Section 501. Relationship Established
Section 502. Artificial Insemination
Section 503. Rebuttable Presumptions
Section 504. Commencement of a Paternity Proceeding
Section 505. Procedures in the Best Interests of the Child
Section 506. Genetic Testing
Section 507. Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity
Chapter 6. Support Obligations
Section 601 Child Support Guidelines
Section 602 Modification of Support Obligations
Chapter 7. Enforcement of Support Obligations
Section 701. Enforcement Required702 Income Withholding
Section 702. Income Withholding
Section 703. Other Enforcement Techniques
Section 704. Civil Sanctions
Chapter 8. Miscellaneous Provisions
Section 801. Safeguarding and Confidentiality
Section 802. Employer Compliance

Title 11. Sovereign Immunity
Section 101. Authority and Citation
Section 102. Definitions
Section 103. Reference to Code Includes Amendments
Section 104. Severability
Section 105. Effective Date of Code
Section 106. Repeal of Inconsistent Law
Section 107. Sovereign Immunity
Section 108. Effect and Interpretation of the Shoshone & Arapaho Law and Order Code
Section 109. Purchase of Liability Insurance, Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
Section 110. No Waiver Beyond Available Coverage
Section 111. Exclusive Jurisdiction
Section 112. Defenses not Waived

Title 12. Trespass
Section 101. Findings
Section 102. Relation to Shoshone and Arapaho Law and Order Code
Section 103. Tribal Property Not Public
Section 104. Use Permits
Section 105. Exceptions
Section 106. Prohibited Uses
Section 107. Remedies and Sanctions
Section 108. Severability
Section 109. Effective Date

Title 13. Religious Freedom
Section 101. Findings
Section 102. Relation to Shoshone and Arapaho Law and Order Code
Section 103. Eagle Take Permits
Section 104. Locations for which Eagle Take Permits may be Granted
Section 105. Protection of Ceremonies
Section 106. Severability
Section 107. Effective Date

Title 14. Northern Arapaho Sex Offender Registration and Notification Code (SORNA)
Chapter 1. General Matters
Section 101. Title
Section 102. Purpose
Section 103. Need
Section 104. Creation of Registries
Chapter 2. Terminology and Covered Offenses
Section 201. Definitions
Section 202. Covered Persons and Offenses
Chapter 3. Tiered Offenses
Section 301. Tier l Offenses
Section 302. Tier 2 Offenses
Section 303. Tier 3 Offenses
Chapter 4. Required Information
Section 401. General Requirements
Section 402. Criminal History
Section 403. Date of Birth
Section 404. DNA Sample
Section 405. Driver s Licenses, Identification Cards, Passports, and Immigration Documents
Section 406. Employment Information
Section 407. Finger and Palm Prints
Section 408. Internet Identifiers
Section 409. Name
Section 410. Telephone Numbers
Section 411. Picture
Section 412. Physical Description
Section 413. Professional Licensing Information
Section 414. Registration Forms
Section 415. Residence Address
Section 416. School
Section 417. Social Security Number
Section 418. Temporary Lodging
Section 419. International Travel
Section 420. Offense Information
Section 421. Vehicle Information
Section 422. Frequency, Duration and Reduction
Section 423. Requirements for In-Person Appearances
Section 424. Sex Offender Acknowledgment Form
Chapter 5. Registration 
Section 501. Where Registration is Required
Section 502. Timing of Registration
Section 503. Retroactive Registration
Section 504. Keeping Registration Current
Section 505. Failure to Appear for Registration and Absconding
Chapter 6. Public Sex Offender Registry Website 
Section 601. Website
Section 602. Required and Prohibited Information
Section 603. Community Notification701 No Waiver of Immunity
Chapter 7. Immunity
Section 701. No Waiver of Immunity
Section 702. Good Faith
Chapter 8. Crimes and Civil Sanctions 
Section 801. Criminal Penalty
Section 802. Civil Penalty
Section 803. Hindrance of Sex Offender Registration
Section 804. Appeal to Tribal Court
Section 805. Confidential Information

Title 15. Taxation
Section 101. Authority
Section 102. Findings
Section 103. Definitions
Section 104. Administration
Section 105. Severability
Section 106. Effective Date
Section 107. Appeals; Administrative Procedures
Section 108. Appeal to Tribal Court
Section 109. Lodging Tax
Section 110. [RESERVED]

Title 16. Eminent Domain
Section 101. Definitions
Section 102. Purposes for Which Eminent Domain May be Exercised
Section 103. Estates in Land Subject to Condemnation
Section 104. Private Property Subject to Condemnation
Section 105. Right of Tribe to Enter, and Examine, Survey, Inspect or Inventory
Section 106. Actions for Condemnation, Declaration of Taking
Section 107. Complaint
Section 108. Joint or Separate Actions; Consolidation
Section 109. Summons; Contents; Service
Section 110. Right to Defend Action
Section 111. Powers of Court; Precedence Over Other Actions
Section 112. Ascertainment and Assessment of Value, Damages and Benefits
Section 113. Accrual of Right to Compensation and Damages; Limitation
Section 114. Payment of Compensation; Effect of Failure to Pay
Section 115. Final Order of Condemnation; Vesting of Property
Section 116. Possession by the Tribe After Judgment or Pending Appeal; Receipt of Payment as Abandonment; Custody of Money Paid into Court or Escrow; Costs of New Trial
Section 117. Costs and Fees
Section 118. Dismissal of Condemnation Action
Section 119. Applicability
Section 120. Severability
Section 121. Sovereign Immunity

Title 17. Tribal Courts 
Chapter 1. Preliminary Provisions
Section 101. Inherent Tribal Authority
Section 102. Name of Code
Section 103. Prior Inconsistent Codes, Ordinances or Resolutions Repealed
Section 104. Findings
Section 105. Construction
Section 106. Definitions
Section 107. Sovereign Immunity Preserved
Section 108. Severability
Section 109. Effective Date
Chapter 2. Jurisdiction of the Tribe
Section 201. Jurisdiction; Tribal Policy
Section 202. Territorial Jurisdiction
Section 203. Personal Jurisdiction
Section 204. Jurisdiction Over Property
Section 205. General Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Section 206. Concurrent Jurisdiction
Chapter 3. Tribal Courts
Section 301. Findings
Section 302. General
Section 303. Shoshone and Arapaho Tribal Courts
Section 304. Copies of Laws
Section 305. Records of Court Open to Public Inspections; Exceptions
Section 306. Adoption by Reference Not a Waiver of Sovereign Power of the Tribe
Section 307. Limitations
Section 308. Tribal Notice Law
Chapter 4. Magistrate Court
Section 401. Court Established; Jurisdiction
Section 402. Appointment and Qualifications of Magistrates
Section 403. Training
Section 404. Removal of Magistrates
Section 405. Powers and Duties of Magistrates
Section 406. Disqualification of Magistrates
Section 407. Oath of Office of Magistrates
Section 408. Clerks of Court
Section 409. Duties of Clerks
Section 410. Oath of Clerks
Section 411. Court Administrator
Section 412. Bonding of Court Personnel
Section 413. Seal of the Tribal Court
Section 414. Direct Contempt of Court
Section 415. Indirect Contempt of Court
Section 416. Civil Penalties for Contempt of Court
Section 417. Attorneys and Representatives
Section 418. Standards of Conduct for Attorneys and Representatives
Section 419. Compensation of Witnesses420 Issuance of Subpoenas
Section 420. Issuance of Subpoenas
Section 421. Service of Subpoenas; Return of Service
Section 422. Recognition of Foreign Judgments
Section 423. Rules of Civil Procedure
Section 424. Declaratory Rulings upon Certification of Questions of Tribal Law from Foreign Jurisdictions
Section 425. Appeals

Title 18. Uniform Commercial Code (Secured Transactions)
Article I - [RESERVED]
Article II - [RESERVED]
Article III - [RESERVED]
Article IV - [RESERVED]
Article V - [RESERVED]
Article VI - [RESERVED]
Article VII - [RESERVED]
Article IX - Secured Transactions Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 9-101. Short Title
Section 9-102. Waiver of Sovereign Immunity; Presumption as to Limitation of Waiver
Section 9-103. Purposes; Policies; Construction
Section 9-104. [RESERVED]
Section 9-105. [RESERVED]
Section 9-106. General Definitions
Section 9-107. Definition of Notice, Knowledge, Discovery, and Receipt
Section 9-108. Definition of Value
Section 9-109. Definition of Lease vs. Security Interest
Section 9-110. General Scope; Condition for Encumbering Per Capita Property
Section 9-111. Excluded Transactions; Federally Restricted and Per Capita Property
Section 9-112. Administration of Code; Authority to Promulgate Regulations
Section 9-113. Obligation of Good Faith
Section 9-114. Course of Performance; Course of Dealing; Usage of Trade
Section 9-115. Purchase-Money Security Interest
Section 9-116. Sufficiency of Property Description
Section 9-117. Parties  Power to Choose Applicable Law
Chapter 2. Effectiveness, Attachment and Rights of Parties
Section 9-201. Effectiveness of Security Agreement; Commercially Unreasonable Terms
Section 9-202. Attachment/Enforceability of Security Interest; Formal Requisites; Miscellaneous
Section 9-203. After-Acquired Collateral; Future Advances
Section 9-204. Rights/Duties When Collateral in Secured Party s Possession/Control
Section 9-205. Additional Duties of Certain Secured Parties
Section 9-206. [RESERVED]
Section 9-207. Request for Accounting, List of Collateral, or Statement of Account
Chapter 3. Perfection and Priority
Subchapter 1. Law Governing Perfection and Priority
Section 9-301. Choice-of-Law re Perfection/Priority
Section 9-302. [RESERVED]
Section 9-303. Choice-of-Law When Goods Covered By a Certificate of Title
Section 9-304. [RESERVED]
Section 9-305. [RESERVED]
Section 9-306. [RESERVED]
Section 9-307. [RESERVED]
Subchapter 2. Perfection
Section 9-308. Perfection of Security Interest/Agricultural Lien; Continuity of Perfection
Section 9-309. Security Interest Perfected Upon Attachment
Section 9-310. When Filing Required to Perfect; When Filing Provisions Do Not Apply
Section 9-311. Perfection of Property Subject to Certain Statutes/Regulations/Treaties
Section 9-312. Perfection of Interests Temporarily/in Intangibles; Permissive Filing
Section 9-313. When Possession Perfects Security Interest Without Filing
Section 9-314. Perfection by Control
Section 9-315. Secured Party s Rights on Disposition of Collateral/in Proceeds
Section 9-316. Continued Perfection Following Change in Governing Law
Subchapter 3. Priority
Section 9-317. Interests that Take Priority Over Security Interest or Agricultural Lien
Section 9-318. Particular Priority Rules
Section 9-319. Priority of Security Interest in Fixtures/Crops
Section 9-320. Accession
Section 9-321. Commingled Goods
Section 9-322. Priority of Security Interests in Goods Covered by Certificate of Title
Section 9-323. Priority Subject to Subordination 
Chapter 4. Rights of Third Parties
Section 9-401. Debtor s Right to Transfer
Section 9-402. Secured Party Not Obligated re Debtor s Contract/Tort
Section 9-403. Rights of Assignee
Section 9-404. Restrictions on Assignment
Chapter 5. Filing
Section 9-501. Filing Administration; Effectiveness of Financing Statements
Section 9-502. Contents of Records; Authorization; Lapse; Continuation; Termination
Chapter 6. Default
Subchapter 1. Default/Enforcement of Security Interests
Section 9-601. Parties  Rights/Duties after Default
Section 9-602. Waiver/Variance of Rights/Duties
Section 9-603. Agreement on Standards Concerning Rights/Duties
Section 9-604. Procedure if Security Agreement Covers Real Property/Fixtures
Section 9-605. Unknown Debtor/Secondary Obligor
Section 9-606. Time of Default for Agricultural Lien
Section 9-607. Collection/Enforcement by Secured Party
Section 9-608. Rules for Applying Cash/Non-Cash Proceeds
Section 9-609. Secured Party s Limited Right to Take Possession after Default
Section 9-610. Non-Judicial Disposition of Collateral after Default
Section 9-611. Notification before Disposition of Collateral
Section 9-612. Timeliness of Notification before Disposition of Collateral
Section 9-613. Contents/Form of Notification before Disposition of Collateral
Section 9-614. [RESERVED]
Section 9-615. Application of Proceeds, Liability for Deficiency, and Right to Surplus
Section 9-616. Duty to Explain Calculation of Surplus/Deficiency to Consumers
Section 9-617. Rights of Transferee of Collateral
Section 9-618. Rights and Duties of Certain Secondary Obligors
Section 9-619. Transfer of Record or Legal Title
Section 9-620. Rules for Accepting Collateral in Full/Partial Satisfaction of Debt
Section 9-621. [RESERVED]
Section 9-622. [RESERVED]
Section 9-623. Right to Redeem Collateral
Section 9-624. Waiver
Subchapter 2. Noncompliance With Code
Section 9-625. Remedies for Secured Party s Failure to Comply with Code
Section 9-626. Action in which Deficiency/Surplus is in Issue
Section 9-627. Determination of Whether Conduct was Commercially Reasonable
Section 9-628. Nonliability/Liability of Secured Party/Secondary Obligor
Section 9-629. Attorneys  Fees in Certain Transactions
Chapter 7. Miscellaneous Provisions
Section 9-701. Effective Date
Section 9-702. Severability

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